5 Tips to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

In the fight against climate change and pollution, every little bit helps. There are small changes we can all make as individuals to reduce our impact on the planet. With the beauty industry alone producing an astonishing amount of packaging every year (120 billion units, to be exact), reducing our consumption and the number of items we throw away is a great place to start to protect the environment and its wildlife.

But where do we start? Making sustainable choices and going green with our beauty routine can feel overwhelming, so we round up 5 easily achievable tips to help you get started with your sustainable beauty routine.

Sustainable Beauty Routine

Tip #1: Look for sustainable beauty packaging

The golden rule is: if it can’t be reused, recycled, or replaced, it’s not sustainable beauty packaging. Unfortunately, the beauty industry relies heavily on the use of plastic for packaging, which, while it can be recycled, contributes to the ever-growing problem of plastic waste.

At INIKA, we use packaging that is 100% recyclable for all of our products, including glass and aluminium. Our skincare uses sustainable packaging made with sugarcane, glass and aluminium! The sugarcane packaging is fully biodegradable, and sugarcane is a completely renewable resource: it absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows - instead of releasing it - which means it has roughly half the carbon footprint of traditional plastic packaging.

Tip #2: Recycle your beauty empties!

Once you’ve finished your beauty product, be conscious and considerate about how you dispose of them! Products using a mix of materials (a foundation combining a glass jar and a plastic pump, for example) should be separated if possible before recycling, if they cannot be separated they must go into the general waste. Most products can be recycled if they only use a single material. If your product is made of one general material like glass, plastic, or cardboard, you can rinse it and toss it directly into its respective recycling bin. If you’re not sure, check the label on the back for the best way to dispose of the container.

Tip #3: Try reusable makeup wipes

Traditional makeup wipes are single-use and often made of synthetic materials like polyester and plastic. And as we know the disposal of these items can cause long term damage to the environment, causing microplastics to be released into our oceans and even the water we end up drinking.

For a sustainable alternative, make the switch to a reusable or biodegradable option to remove your makeup at the end of the day. Think reusable makeup wipes, washcloths or reusable makeup pads to use with Micellar Water. All are great alternatives, as they can be washed and used again making them a sustainable beauty option.

Tip #4: Keep empties as travel containers

One of our favourite eco-friendly beauty tips is to hang onto your empty containers to use as travel companions! Re-fill them next time you go away so that you can take your favourite skincare with you wherever you go. By reusing them, you’re preventing them from ending up in landfill and saving yourself a few pennies not having to buy new travel-sized products to take away.

Tip #5: Use empties as storage

Another great way to reuse your makeup containers is to keep them as storage for your smaller beauty items. Hang onto those empty jars of moisturiser and pop them in the bathroom to store your hair ties, cotton rounds and any of those other small items that usually live at the bottom of your toiletry bag!

Make the switch to sustainable beauty

We couldn’t be happier that sustainability is getting its time in the spotlight. An important change to make when designing a more eco-friendly beauty routine, is to choose your beauty brands wisely. Look for those that look after the planet, use natural and organic ingredients and don’t test on animals.

You can shop the full range of natural-based INIKA Organic skincare and makeup with confidence. Our products are certified vegan and cruelty-free, and as Australia's only 100% authentic, natural beauty brand we take our brand philosophy seriously, holding the strictest natural ingredient criteria of any makeup and skincare brand in the world. Discover our range of products today!
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