How to Achieve a Bronze Natural Makeup Look

Now that Summer is here and the holiday season is upon us, a bronze natural makeup look is just the thing to lift the spirits after a year of pandemic pressure! Whether you’re looking to change to natural makeup, or you just want that fresh post-holiday glow, a bronze makeup look is the thing for you.

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Bronze glowy makeup makes you look naturally tanned by lending warmth and colour to the areas of your face that would normally be touched by the sun. You can find bronzers in a variety of finishes and textures, each one perfect for achieving bronze glowy makeup, bronze eye makeup and natural makeup looks. Using a natural makeup brand will help enhance the quality, and therefore the application, of the makeup you use, benefiting the health of your skin as well as your look.

These bronze glowy makeup looks are ideal for celebrations for any time of the day, taking you from casual day chic to night-time on the town in minutes. A bronze makeup look using bronze, browns, golds, coppers, and warm tones suits a variety of skin types and eye colours. Working with your natural skin tone to add some extra warmth to your face they are perfect for that post pandemic pallor!

How To Achieve a Bronze Natural Makeup Look

There are many ways for you to achieve that perfect bronze makeup look, whether you use a more subtle, natural finish for that daytime look or a shimmery bronzer for that summery night out. Here are some suggestions to get you on your way, all while embracing natural makeup products and brands to give your skin that extra healthy glow.

1. Skin Preparation to Achieve the Best Bronze Glowy Makeup Look

Clean, fresh skin is the natural canvas for any makeup look. This allows your face to be revitalised and free of impurities before applying any of your natural makeup products. After following your natural skincare routine, get ready to prepare your face with Maca Root Day Cream. Be sure to apply this at least 30 minutes before adding makeup to protect against pollution and skin stressors throughout the day.

Also, if you want that extra glow that won’t wash off, try INIKA’s new Natural Tanning Mist (coming soon). Using it 1 to 2 days before your event will give your face and body an overall post-vacation glow. This can be layered until you reach the perfect tan for you to help achieve that bronze makeup look.

2. Base Prep for the Perfect Bronze Glowy Makeup Look

Prepping the base for your makeup is an essential step to ensuring a smooth application and even result for your bronze natural makeup look. Beginning with a primer is the first step. Use a highly nourishing primer, like the Radiant Glow Primer, which creates a flawless, glowing base. Next, use a natural BB Cream to achieve a perfectly nurtured and even complexion. This cream from INIKA is an ultra-glowy foundation, which can be best applied with the INIKA Foundation Brush.

To achieve fuller coverage for your bronze makeup look, you can set your whole base with the Baked Mineral Foundation, best applied with an INIKA Powder Brush. This will help to blend the powder products that we will be using later to ensure a lasting appearance for your look. Apply small amounts to build to your designed coverage.

3. Bronze Natural Makeup Look

Now we are getting to the addition of our powders and bronzers to achieve that summery bronze glow. Again, using the INIKA Powder Brush, gently apply some of our Baked Mineral Bronzer to the face and blend over the hairline, along the cheekbones and under the jaw. This will deliver a beautiful natural colour to build the bronze glowy makeup look.

Following with a smaller brush, try using the INIKA Setting Brush, to achieve a more precise application and lightly dust bronzer along the sides of the nose and the crease of the eye to tie your look together.

Lastly, take the INIKA Baked Illuminisor in the shade Dewdrop, and, again with the INIKA Powder Brush, softly dust over all the high points of the face. For a complete bronzed look, you can even apply the bronzer to the rest of your body, namely to your shoulders, collarbone and even down the centre of your arms and legs to achieve that overall summery effect.

4. Final Touches for That Bronze Glowy Makeup Look

To complete your bronze natural makeup look, we will be adding some finishing touches to the lips, eyes and eyebrows to tie the look together.

Using INIKA Lip & Cheek Cream, in the shade Morning, gently apply to the lips and cheeks for a fresh flush of colour, to enhance the summery feel of your bronze glowy makeup look.

Finally, complete your look with a sweep of Long Lash Mascara through the lashes and Brow Perfector over the brows to refine the look and lend structure to the face. Achieving a stylish bronze eye makeup look will add an extra dimension to your glowy look, perfect for achieving that summery, sun-kissed glow. With each of the natural makeup products we have suggested, and the steps set out, you will have achieved your own warm, bronze makeup look, ready for this coming holiday season!

How to Find Great Natural Makeup Products from a Natural Makeup Brand

Getting the perfect result all comes down to using the right tools. Getting the best bronze makeup look for every celebration is no different! Using a 100% natural makeup brand and products ensures that you get high-quality results that not only enhance but nourish and revitalise your skin.

At INIKA, we have an entire range of natural makeup products ready to beautify and enrich your face. Reward your skin today and check out our wide variety of natural makeup products to explore different looks to suit your every need.
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