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Vogue Feature: The cult organic beauty brand making a world’s first stand against plastic

June 29, 2022 2 min read

Since its inception in 2006, homegrown beauty brand INIKA Organic have been creating makeup and skincare products with a purer purpose. Yes, they’re beauty products to make you look and feel good, but INIKA Organic wants you to do good, too.

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The award-winning, natural formulas (now available in more than 30 countries) have long been made without the use of synthetics or fillers, and have always commanded worldwide organic, vegan and cruelty free certifications. Now they’re stepping it up a notch and putting innovative sustainability initiatives front and centre.

The statistics around the volume of plastic produced purely in the consumption of beauty products can be staggering. Experts put the number at 120 billion units of beauty packaging produced each year—that’s a lot of jars and tubes destined for a long life in landfill. So INIKA Organic’s latest mission is pure plastic neutrality.

First, the inventive Australian brand reviewed every element of their business, to minimise their own reliance on plastic across the board. It led them to reimagine how they packaged all 144 products in the range. In addition to feeling and looking luxurious, each of their expertly crafted formulations are also packaged in 90% sustainable and reused materials like aluminium, sugar cane, post-consumer recycled plastic and glass.

As passionate reformers, always trying to break the mold, INIKA Organic weren’t content with leaving it there. The brand attained Plastic Neutral certification from Waste Revolution, an organisation whose whole purpose is to help businesses with measuring, reducing and offsetting plastic use. That means, for any kilogram of plastic used, a whole kilo is also salvaged and recycled. The passion has paid off. With a little creative thinking, INIKA Organic have reduced virgin plastic use by 84%, which equates to a reduction of 6.8 tonnes of plastic. And any essential plastic was offset and given a new life as durable fence posts donated to rural communities impacted by natural disasters.

Purity, of both product and the planet, is a fundamental credo at this excellent Australian export. So too is purity of performance. The brand is the recipient of over 40 separate awards for product excellence. Some of the standouts include the INIKA Organic Phytofuse Renew Serum, a clinically proven potent skin serum which firms and hydrates without the typical nasties. The cult favourite INIKA Organic Loose Mineral Foundation provides flawless, buildable coverage with truly natural radiance (that’s thanks to the mineral mica in the formula), while titanium and zinc oxide ensure a high level of sun protection too. For a skincare-meets-makeup masterstroke, the INIKA Organic Radiant Glow Veil provides a glossy, luminous finish to skin, while also being enriched with pure botanical extracts to firm and revitalise the complexion.

As natural beauty pioneers, INIKA Organic have led the way with sophisticated clean formulas. Their latest sustainability initiative is a reminder that it’s what is on the inside, and the outside, that counts.

As seen on Vogue Australia. To view the article, click here.

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