Wedding Skincare Calendar: How to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day

You’re starting to make plans for your big day. How exciting!

The lead up to your wedding is a magical time - but we also know it takes a lot of organising. Venues, guest lists, dresses and first dances… it’s a never-ending to-do list! It’s the one day where all eyes are on the bride so it’s totally normal for you to be thinking about how your skin is going to look on your big day.

To help you get the healthiest skin possible, we’ve pulled together the ultimate wedding skincare routine that’s easy to follow in the lead up to your wedding day. It will help tackle a whole range of skincare concerns, including blemishes, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, using only the best in natural and organic skincare, within taking up too much of your time - because we know you’re busy!

Skin prep for your wedding | Inika

When to start your wedding skincare prep

Now that you’ve added ‘skincare routine’ to your wedding prep checklist, the next question is, when to start? Most advice would say to start as early as possible; it takes time for your skin to absorb nutrients, turn over its cells and increase collagen. But to make things easier for you, we’ve laid out a 3-month plan that’s easy to follow and will give you all the benefits before your big day.

Your Wedding Day Beauty Prep Calendar

3 months before - Set Your Skincare Goals

Setting your skincare goals three months before your wedding date will help you keep on track and act as a reminder for the final results you want to achieve. Consider your skin type - if you have dry skin, your skincare goal could be to have “bright skin that glows and feels hydrated all day” or if you’re battling with acne, you goal could be to have “a smooth complexion that helps me feel confident on my special day.”

Whatever your skincare goals, make sure you are selecting natural and organic skincare solutions that are designed to boost and nourish your skin with healthy ingredients. Try this basic 3-step skincare routine to give your skin a kickstart ahead of the big day:

1. Cleanse
A gentle cleanser used twice a day, both morning and night is an absolute must to keep your skin bright and clear. With its creamy formula, our Camellia Oil Cleanser works to luxuriously remove daily impurities and traces of makeup, without drying out your skin. Packed with Shea and Cocoa Butters and antioxidant-rich Camellia Oil, it comes with a unique brush head that helps to increase circulation and lightly exfoliate the skin with each application.

2. Treat
Look for a light serum with specific benefits to target your wedding day beauty goals. For a good all-rounder serum that will give your skin plenty of skin-loving nutrients, try our Resveratrol Serum. It’s clinically proven to brighten, hydrate and firm your skin, whilst minimising wrinkles and reducing pigmentation. Its 100% natural formula is bursting with ingredients like Resveratrol Grape Juice Extract, designed to deeply nourish and protect your skin from pollution and free radical damage.

3. Nourish
Now lock in all that goodness with a super nourishing moisturiser. INIKA’s Maca Root Day Cream has all the benefits you could imagine. Luxuriously hydrating, it protects the skin from free radicals like pollution, hydrates, brightens and softens the skin and gives skin long-lasting smoothness and bounce. And thanks to the Pomegranate Seed Oil, it even works to prevent signs of premature ageing.

2 months before - Say Hello To A Night-time Beauty Routine

While you’re getting your beauty sleep, your skin is hard at work recovering, repairing and healing. This is the perfect time to make the most of your skincare products and ensure your skin is getting everything it needs by becoming diligent about your nighttime skincare routine.

Step 1.
Select an eye cream like our Phytofuse Renew Resveratrol Eye Cream, clinically proven to reduce dark circles, hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes and minimise any fine lines or puffiness you might be experiencing.

Step 2.
A rich night cream will give you maximum skin hydration. Our much-loved Phytofuse Renew Night Cream contains naturally hydrating ingredients like Sunflower, Rosehip and Argan Oils that work to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep as well as brighten, hydrate and boost the elasticity of your skin.

1 month before - Cover All Base-es

With only a few weeks until the big day, the final step is to prep your skin for your wedding makeup. A gentle exfoliator works wonders at targeting the top layer of your skin, removing any build-up of dirt or dead skin cells so that your skin is happy and healthy before any makeup goes on. Try using our Phytofuse Renew Caviar Lime Exfoliator as part of your evening skincare routine 3 times a week. Combining natural exfoliating particles and fruit AHA, it works to purify pores and remove dead skin cells to give you a clear and bright complexion, fit for a bride!
Do not leave makeup on overnight. For a gentle face cleanser that removes all traces of makeup without drying out your skin, you have to try INIKA’s Phyto-Active Micellar Rosewater.

Our bonus insider tips

Beauty comes from within: In the lead up to your wedding, it also won’t hurt to incorporate some healthy habits that will benefit your skin and your overall health! Here are our tips lifestyle tips to get glowing skin and plenty of energy:
  1. Drink 3 litres of water A DAY! Water consumption is one of the best things we can do for our skin. With over 60% of the skin being made up of water, the higher the hydration, the brighter the skin will glow.
  2. Sugars and other refined foods are detrimental to your skin’s health. Eating a healthy diet can help to keep your skin bright, clear and free from pimples.
  3. Get moving! Exercise increases your body’s circulation, helping to flush out any toxins that could be keeping your skin dull and dry. Get your body pumping and see your skin start to shine.
  4. Aim for 8 hours of beauty sleep. They call it ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason! Your body repairs itself and recovers while you sleep, so getting enough hours is really important for your overall health as well as your skin health.
With this routine, your skin will have plenty of time to be soothed, nourished and glowing in time for the big day. Shop our natural and organic skincare online now for the ultimate wedding day glow!
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