Desert Resurrection Plant
Chihuahuan Desert, North America

A botanical miracle, this dry tumbleweed can stay dormant for years, and springs back to life when it touches water, flourishing into vivid green foliage. We harness its life-replenishing power to protect and regenerate your skin.

LIMEPEARL™ Caviar Lime Extract

Native Australian Fruit
Subtropical Rainforest, Australia

Rich in AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which are known for their natural chemical exfoliation activity. Proven to increase shedding of dead skin layers for more radiant, smoother, and youthful looking skin. A native Australian plant endemic to a small region of the Eastern Australian coast, it has been part of Australian Aboriginal diet for centuries.  


The Vitality Secret of the Inca
Peruvian Andes, South America

Native to the Peruvian Andes, this exceptionally robust plant boasts one of the highest nutrient concentrations and concentrates an array of active bio-principles that enable it to thrive in harsh climatic conditions.


Source of Anti-ageing Phytonutrients
Languedoc, France

This extract has potent preventative and curative anti-ageing properties. It also helps neutralise free radicals to maintain skin structure and boost collagen production. Known for containing rich concentrations of highly antioxidant polyphenols, grapes create a powerful protective elixir.