Your Skinimalism Beauty Routine for Glowing Skin

There’s nothing better for your skin than to nourish it with natural ingredients using skin-loving makeup and skincare. And if you’re wondering how to get glowing skin naturally, we’ll let you in on a little secret: less is more! Once you find beauty products that give your skin the love and care it deserves, you really only need a few products to make your skin glow.


Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated! We like to keep our beauty routine minimal and natural, so we are head over heels for the latest beauty trend: Skinimalism. Here are our top Skinimalism tips to get your natural glow on, using only a few skincare and makeup products.

What is Skinimalism?

You’ve heard of minimalism before - keep only the essentials, and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or doesn’t “spark joy”, as Marie Kondo would say! Skinimalism follows the same principles, and offers the same benefits: less clutter, less fuss, and a beauty routine that works just as well with fewer products!

Skinimalism is about moving away from heavy matte coverage and ultra-defined contouring and towards a simpler beauty routine. The trend began in South Korea, with followers looking for a makeup and skincare look that is glowy, natural and minimal. Say goodbye to caked-on, bold makeup looks and hello to natural minimalist makeup that’s effortlessly chic and better for your skin thanks to it being packed full of natural ingredients for glowing skin.

Get glowing using natural and organic beauty products

At INIKA we know all too well how important natural and organic ingredients are when it comes to your skincare. For barely there, natural minimalist makeup you need hybrid skincare solutions that give your skin the ultimate glow, without having to use multiple layers of product.

Your skin is your largest organ, and feeding it with nourishing and gentle products, largely improves our overall skin health. At INIKA, we use natural exfoliants and cleansers to provide a clean and balanced canvas to apply your makeup, antioxidants to care for and protect the skin, and powerful botanicals to give your skin all of the nourishment it needs. Most importantly, we avoid nasty chemicals in our products, so you can rest assured that they won’t harm your skin.

The INIKA Skinimalist Routine for naturally glowing skin

It’s time to show off your natural beauty and get the ultimate glow! We put together this easy skincare and makeup routine, using natural and nourishing products that will deliver all kinds of amazing benefits to your skin.

1. Cleanse

Always start by cleansing the skin, both morning and night. For the best cleanser for all skin types, go for a gentle cleanser like our Phytofuse Renew Camellia Oil Cleanser. Packed full of nourishing ingredients like Cocoa Butter and antioxidant-rich Camellia Oil, this hydrating oil cleanser will help remove traces of impurities and traces of makeup without drying out your skin.

2. Exfoliate

Follow your cleanse with a natural exfoliator like our Phytofuse Renew Caviar Lime Exfoliator. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients including natural exfoliating particles from Bamboo Stem and Pumice, and natural fruit acids like Caviar Lime which work to purify pores and remove dead skin cells. These amazing ingredients work together to leave you with a clear, fresh and bright complexion.

3. Moisturise

Complete your skincare routine with a rich moisturiser like our Phytofuse Renew Maca Root Day Cream. Designed to help nourish, protect and hydrate, this luxurious day cream contains nutritive botanical extracts and antioxidants from powerful plant extracts, to keep your skin feeling soft and supple all day long!

4. Go for makeup with skincare benefits

It’s time to move onto your Skinimalist makeup! For the perfect glowing base, try mixing 2 to 3 drops of Radiant Glow Veil with 1 to 2 pumps of the Certified Organic BB Cream. Made from a curated blend of botanical ingredients, Radiant Glow Veil is a multi-tasking primer that leaves your skin silky smooth with a glowing finish, while our BB Cream nourishes your skin giving you a balanced and even complexion.
Both of these products are made with skin-loving ingredients that will nourish the skin while giving you a nice and even finish. Simply use your fingers to apply to your skin, or use our Flat Top Kabuki Brush to seamlessly blend for a natural, flawless finish.

5. Get glowing with bronzer

To add a bronzed glow to your look, use a Powder Brush to apply the beautiful natural colour of our Baked Mineral Bronzer. The 100% mineral formula of this bronzer easily blends to create an illuminating mess-free and naturally glowing, sunkissed look.

6. Add a touch of colour

For a natural pop of buildable colour across your lips and cheeks, try a tinted cream like our Certified Organic Lip & Cheek Cream. This nutrient-rich luxury cream is infused with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E to help hydrate and protect your skin. The creamy formula blends easily and can be used over the apple of your cheeks and across the lips for a sheer, dewy finish.

7. Define your brows

To give those brows a natural look, try a brow tint like our Natural & Organic Brow Perfector. Formulated with Magnolia Bark Extract, Sunflower Oil and Acacia Flower Wax to condition and protect the brows, along with Bamboo stem-derived fibres to build up length and body of brows, this is the perfect tool to create fluffy, natural-looking brows.

8. Go for a minimal eye makeup

Add the finishing touches to your minimal makeup look with a lengthening mascara like our Long Lash Vegan Mascara. A luxurious formula made from 100% natural ingredients including Carnauba Wax, Magnolia Bark Extract and nourishing Vitamin E, apply a few coats of this mascara to boost the length, volume and span of your lashes - opening and brightening your eyes for the perfect finish to any minimal makeup routine.

Perfect your minimalist skincare routine now

By keeping your routine simple and including skin-loving products, a good Skinimalist routine will keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Browse INIKA’s skin-loving makeup and skincare now, all certified vegan, cruelty-free, and organic, to give your skin only the very best. They will leave your skin looking fresh and fabulous in just a few steps!
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